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Predator Park

Guided Drives - Please visit our Game Drives page to book for Self Drives

The Predator Park offers you a chance to see how amazing and powerful different predators can be. This experience is quite different from just reading or hearing about them. With the predator tour you will gain insight and perspective on predators, their behaviour and the challenges some of these endangered species face. We have more than ten different species and are proud to walk through the park and stop at every camp to educate people on the animals’ unique personalities, behaviour and where they come from. Our guides are passionate about making you feel welcome, giving an unforgettable experience and educating you on how we can conserve and protect these amazing animals.

Who can come?

We welcome everyone of all ages. Children are advised to always be accompanied by their parents. We offer free guided tours to any school groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays as children are the conservationists of the future.

What to expect?

As you arrive at the gate of the predator park, parking will be provided, and everyone will meet at the waiting area. Group sizes can vary with each tour but you are also welcome to book a private tour. You can expect some uneven terrain as you walk through the park, but our paths are clearly marked and guided by our rangers. We will be sure to answer all your questions and we encourage you to interact with the guides. The tour starts early in the morning and is usually between one to two hours long.


Predator Park Drives

Sun and Wed 07:00 - 09:00
* Mabalingwe does not have free roaming predators (except Leopards). All predators are in enclosed areas. Please note that this is a walking activity on uneven ground.


Adult - R210 pp
Kids under 12 - R170 pp
Self Drive - R170 pp

Need to know

  • Meet at the Boarding station 15 min prior to the start of your drive
  • Boarding station is at the Farm Shop
  • All late arrivals will be treated as cancelled bookings and payment forfeited
  • Seats are not issued all vehicles are 10 seaters with three in a row and one in front next to the Ranger
  • You might not be sitting next to your partner
  • Please adhere to the Rangers instructions at all times whilst out on a drive
  • No alcohol may be consumed on game drives
  • Please take note that all activities are subject to availability and occupancy.

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